South Muskham Art Group – Spring 2017

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What a lovely day I had with the artists from South Muskham art group. We painted a portrait in oils - starting with preparing an acrylic background on our canvas, learning a method for gridding to get our image in proportion before transferring to the canvas. We then had fun painting with oils. The subject matter and oil paints were new to a number of the members but everyone made an excellent job of the portrait. For those observant ones amongst you, the last portrait is painted in watercolours by an outstanding watercolour artist who wanted to give portraits a go - I'm really glad he did. There is also a portrait slightly different to the rest - as the painting progressed, a member pointed out that the serene look and form of the hair was suited to a madonna themed painting - a little imagination and the addition of a head scarf and we have a very different composition. Congratulations to the lady who spotted it and helped greatly with the new painting, and the lady who was brave enough to go with the suggestion.

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