‘Swannie McSheep Face’ or ‘What’s in a Name’

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In-between detailed portraits it's good fun to paint some small speedy pictures to loosen up and take a break. Here are a few 1 hour oil paintings completed one day by means of a rest. They are not the most skilfully executed paintings, but they are good practice. One of them obviously could have been painted better...

I'm documenting the conversation with my husband following the painting of these pictures - I normally find it really hard to give titles to my paintings, but this will explain how, sometimes, the title comes quite easily.


Conversation as we sit down to our evening meal.

Husband: I like that funny sheep.

Me: What funny sheep?

Husband: The sheep's head on your easel.

Me: That's not a sheep, that's a swan

Husband: Is it? It looks like a sheep

Me: No - it's definitely a swan

After the meal he has a closer look

Husband: You're right, it is a swan, a very nice swan... but you can see why I thought it was a sheep..


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    Nice sheep.

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