Speedy Paintings

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For the next 4 weeks we're going to be painting quickly - getting used to the feel of the paint, enjoying colour, not taking ourselves too seriously and seeing what we can produce. It's often surprising what you end up with if you choose to paint quickly - some will work out, some won't. Those that you're not too happy with you'll have learnt something; if you're happy, you've got a small painting that you can frame and give as a gift or use to brighten your own home.

This first lesson we were painting apples and peppers - arranging them as we please, using different coloured backgrounds and just experimenting.This is out of the comfort zone for most of us in these classes, either due to lack of experience, a preference for more careful works or a fear of making a mess; but everyone has produced 2 or 3 excellent pieces of work. Small brushes were banned and some brave people have tried palette knives - it's been great to see people loosen up and enjoy.

And yes... I do realise that there are a couple of paintings that do not look like apples and peppers - a couple of folks wanted a change of topic for their third painting - which is great!

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