So how did we do in 2017?

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Detail of one of the pieces I've been working on during the latter part of the year. It's nearing completion so watch this space.

Happy New Year

This time last year I had the idea of doing 365 sketches in 365 days - and I've failed miserably... However, there are plenty of things that proved successful.

Classes have continued with new members, plus individual tuition has increased. People enjoy the relaxed atmosphere - everyone is so encouraging and friendly and I consider myself fortunate to have such a talented, great bunch of artists who attend on a regular basis.

In July I had a stall at Patchings - as well as the fun of being a part of this amazing arts festival, I made contact with a number of art groups which have booked me for demonstrations and workshops. I also made contact with the lovely people at Loxley who make the linen canvases I enjoy using. All in all, very successful - I've booked my slot for 2018.

I've had a couple of articles published in the SAA's magazine - step by step painting of my son and his girlfriend. Quite time consuming taking suitable photos - then having to think up words to go with them - not my gifting but I managed it!

And then of course there's my own artwork - the reason I started doing all this. I've sold a number of paintings this year and found a great gallery - Meander and Mooch - in Newark that likes my work and is happy to hang it on their walls. My work is evolving, as any creative work should, and I'm excited as to where it may take me.

As 2017 drew to a close, I thought back to the sketches and how I had not managed to complete them but I stopped short of dwelling on them to let them define the year. I'm going to remember the fun I've had with my classes, in the gallery, at Patchings and all the other good things that have happened and choose to close 2017 as a success.

So that's enough of looking behind - there's the anticipation of 2018 ahead and all the potential that a new year holds. I'm going to make plans and goals but am going to hold them loosely, if other things take over and lead me in a different direction I need to be free to go there.

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