New Year, New Goals

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Well it's been a very productive start to the week, due mainly, I think, to the simple task of setting some goals for the first quarter of this year. As a result of this, I've scheduled various tasks in my diary to ensure I have time to paint. 'Obvious' you may say; 'been doing that for years' you may say but it's taken me a while to catch on. Consequently I have made good progress on 6 paintings; these are to be oil paintings on bold, plain coloured backgrounds. I've finished the tonal underpainting and am now ready for the coloured oil glazes. These are a little experimental - I've enjoyed the oil paintings on linen and will be doing more, but I thought it would be fun to use the same technique on a different sort of background. I'm interested to see what a difference the choice of background colour will make on the look and mood of the portrait. Colour fascinates me anyway and I'm hoping to explore this sometime soon - but that's for another post. 

The colour used for these portraits make the skin look an unhealthy shade but all will come right after a few oil glazes. Watch this space - I hope to be posting the finished paintings soon.

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