Lockdown challenge update 1

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It's less than a week into lockdown and the days have passed relatively quickly so far - I think having a focus and something to keep me occupied definitely helps. I'm posting progress for the first 4 days. These images are very much snapshots - if I'm to post regularly while keeping up with my painting, I can't spend hours tweaking photos to make sure they look presentable. I've managed to do a sketch a day plus daily work on a traditional still life.

The sketches are proving fun - they're quick and energetic, and it's interesting to see what can be achieved in under an hour. My first sketch was charcoal on tinted paper, around A4 size, with a little bit of colour to add interest. The other sketches are oil on small canvas - 7x5". There seems to be a bit of a green theme going on here, though it's completely accidental.

The still life isn't progressing as quickly as I'd hoped, not helped by the fact that I'm working on two - who's bright idea was that?! Nevermind, I'm not putting myself under unnecessary pressure - it'll progress at it's own pace. I'm working on board 12x10" which I initially washed over with diluted raw umber. I've then proceeded with raw umber and warm white to produce a tonal underpainting. I'm going to want to get each of these to quite a state of completion before working many layers of transparent colour glazes. The underpainting takes the most time, adding colour is the fun bit.

I've posted my work so far, plus the work of Paul - fellow artist who's joining me in this challenge. I've also posted the work of Julia who has decided to give it a go and has kindly sent photos on to me. If anyone else wants to do likewise, please send me pictures. It's lovely getting images from friends and I'm enjoying the contact with people who I'm unable to meet at the moment.

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