Drawing Bowie

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I tend to take photos of my work as it progresses. It's nice to have a record of how the work has developed and can help with future artwork, plus provides me with content for my social media pages. A photograph can also highlight any areas that aren't quite right and need addressing - after working very closely on something, it allows me to see the work one step removed and so be a little more impartial.

So I've decided to pop the progress of some of my work on my blog - starting with Bowie. This drawing is particularly special for me. I drew this in the spring of 2015 for an exhibition ran by Susi, owner of the fabulous gallery Meander and Mooch in Newark. It proved very popular and sold pretty quickly. Since then Susi has hung a number of my pieces and sold a fair few too. If you're ever in Newark, do pop in - it's full of eclectic artworks, glass, jewellery, sculpture and ceramics - a great gallery to meander and mooch...

Let the slide show run or click the side arrows to move the images along.


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